Suck It Whole Foods, I Got This.

I tried the kraut! Well, a bit o' kraut. Can you tell which sandwich is mine?

I tried the kraut! Well, a bit o’ kraut. Can you tell which sandwich is mine?

Anybody who knows me, knows my adoration for Whole Foods. And at least once a month or so, Mike and I will partake in their delightful ready-to-eat food section. However, on at least 5 occasions in the last 6 months, Mike has tried and failed to order a Tempeh Reuben from their deli. Every time he is told they are out of it. How are you out of it!? You have all of the ingredients within 50 yards of where you are standing, go get them!

Anyway, after the latest disappointment, I said “I got this, I’ll make you your Reuben”. His eyes lit up. So even though sauerkraut is the stuff of nightmares for me, I went and gathered the components to make this tempeh reuben at home. I had a vague memory of reading a reuben recipe in a cookbook I own and I was right.  Blissful Bites by Christy Morgan has a pretty awesome one. I must have always skipped right over it, because, you know, of that oooky sauerkraut stuff.

Recipe is pretty simple. Marinate thinly sliced tempeh with soy, red wine vinegar, paprika, dill, maple syrup, then bake. Whip up some vegan russian dressing by adding ketchup, relish, red wine vinegar & soy again to Veganaise. (Usually I’m pretty eeew about veganaise but it does work fabulous here). After that, pick a soy cheese, toast some rye bread and you have a seriously tasty vegan tempeh reuben on your hands.


Not sure what is up with the shadows here. I think my assistant was more concerned with getting this in his belly than proper lighting.

5 thoughts on “Suck It Whole Foods, I Got This.

  1. This tempeh is store bought, I use the flax kind. Have plans to try making it from scratch soon. Seitan I do make myself, just made a batch yesterday in fact, post to follow this week. 🙂

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