But it’s a healthy fat…


Yep, avocados are brimming with those good-for-ya monosaturated fats. I get plenty’o healthy fats in my diet as is though. I’m always snacking on or sprinkling in nuts & seeds to meals.  So some days, damned if it’s good-for-ya or not, I want to keep my fat intake down. Subbing in edamame for avocados in this dip is an awesome way. The internet seems to have dubbed this dish the fun to say, edamole. Just process a small bag of frozen shelled edamame (thawed, obvi), tablespoon of lemon juice, salt, pepper and hot sauce to taste. Then mix in some chopped tomato and you have yourself a full of yum, less in fat, still healthy dip.

Bonus! Bring edamole to your next BBQ for tons of kudos and no fear of the dreaded insta-browning eventuality of guac.


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