To-Freaking Delicious


I hate when I hear people say how they dislike tofu because it’s so bland. Uhhh, ever had a piece of unseasoned chicken? Blah with a capital B. You have to season that ish!

Feta-izing tofu is my new favorite thing. And it comes with the cutesy moniker, Tofeta (seems vegans/vegetarians love giving their dishes these fun hybrid names). My version is simple. Press your firm block of tofu for an hour or so then cut into small cubes. Marinate cubes with 1/3 cup lemon juice, TB apple cider vinegar, TB rice vinegar, 2TB miso dissolved in water first, and a tsp of basil, oregano & parsley. Marinate for a least two hours, longer the better.

Congrats, you have yourself some tasty tofu.




2 thoughts on “To-Freaking Delicious

  1. I just made the classic scrambled tofu yesterday and really enjoyed it. I used some nutritional yeast for that little cheesey flavor. But this recipe is def where my second block of tofu is going to. πŸ™‚

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