I’m bringing Hasselback!


If you haven’t yet tried Hasselbacking potatoes, get on it! A bit crispy, a bit tender, all the way delicious. A snap to make too. Just cut thin slices all the way down your spud, slather your fav potato herbs throughout (and I’m sure most would use oil here) and bake on 450 for about an hour. Quick tip, place some chopstix at the base of each side of the potato to keep your knife from slicing through the bottom. I also mixed coconut yogurt with lemon juice & garlic for a sour cream-esque topping. Not quite the same but it did it’s job.

I tried sauteing mustard greens with onions as a side and it wasn’t really my thing. A bit too bitter. I don’t have any beef with bitter, it just wasn’t working here. I’m thinking of combining them with something sweet next time to balance out the flavor. I will report back.

And of course, I paired these potatoes with their familiar plate mate, steak. Well, seitan steak. Starting with my usual seitan recipe, I sliced into steak like objects and then popped in the oven with the potatoes during their last 20 minutes, flipping once.  This was the first time I baked seitan steaks and it was juicy perfection.

The steaks are topped with the savory, spicy, vinegary, HP sauce. Mike had been trying to get me on the HP wagon for good while and I just wouldn’t submit. What was this brown stuff these Brits had concocted? I happened upon Keith Richards biography though and learned that he puts it on everything. Sold. Good enough for Keith, good enough for me, and definitely good enough for seitan steaks.



2 thoughts on “I’m bringing Hasselback!

  1. Awesome pictures: depth of focus for the win! We made tiny hasselbacks yesterday (so good!), and, after trying Meghan’s take on your original seitan, we’re making chili flavored seitan tomorrow for fajitas.

    • Mike just got an awesome macro lens, wait til you see the depth of focus when I get my hands on that! Haha.

      I’ve done seitan in fajitas and tacos before but never chilli flavored them. Will try!

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