Brew O Butter Beans


Confession. When I came across this Cooking Light recipe I had no idea what a butter bean was. But the recipe was naturally vegan! Kind of a rarity in my CL subscription, so a search was in order. .0008 seconds later, Google enlightened me to the butter bean’s other moniker, the lima bean. Ahhhh the South, always wanting to be different.

To simplify, I went with dried limas (I couldn’t find fresh anyway) and just used frozen corn & basil. I also just pureed with an immersion blender rather than transferring to a countertop one. All that cuts down on the hands on time a good bit and the dish is still delish.


3 thoughts on “Brew O Butter Beans

    • Hmmm, I’m going to guess that statement means substituting ‘fresh’ beans, ones already out of the pod, for beans in their shells as they suggest. And it wasn’t really referring to subbing limas for butters….riiiiight?

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