Alternative Alfredo!


One thing I miss after ‘going vegan’ is creaminess. Like, really really miss. I was a creaminess junkie. So I set out recently to see how I could replicate the wonder that is Alfredo sauce, and the vegan community did not disappoint. There is a plethora of awesome recipes out there. Cauliflower or cashews seemed to be the most frequently used main ingredients. Since cauliflower is a bit cheaper and less fatty (yes, yes, it’s a good fat but still) I went the cauliflower route. I started with the no fuss recipe here at Detoxinista. From that base, it’s simple to add your own flavorings to get it just how you envision. I added two tablespoons of nutritional yeast during blending for a bit of extra cheesiness and a teaspoon of oregano during cooking for an Italian feel.  And since in my book, pasta and sauce does not qualify as a meal, I sauteed some mushrooms and spinach to fill it out. I also think vegan sausage would be perfection here.

In trying to keep a pasta dish as healthy as possible I was determined to find a good whole wheat fettucine. I came across this Ezekiel pasta, otherwise known in my house as ‘bible pasta’. And while I really wanted to be on board with it (look at those ingredients!), it was just no, no, bueno. Muy cardboard (note, I do like their ‘bible bread’). While shopping, I noticed the wheat spaghettis and pennes were plentiful, but there was just two fettucine options. So I guess there might be something about the shape and texture of this noodle that just doesn’t translate to whole wheat. So next time I try, good old white pasta it is. Simple carbohydrates be damned!




One thought on “Alternative Alfredo!

  1. A lot of whole wheat pastas are disappointing, so go a differnt route. Try the Barilla gold box pastas– they have a mixture of ingredients, not just wheat, and are both tasty and enjoyable.

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