Like New Orleans in your mouth!


Wowza! This tempeh has a heck of a kick to it. In fact, if it’s your first time trying it, I may recommend holding back a bit on the garlic powder, chilli powder & red pepper flakes. Unless you’re a spice freak, of course. You can check out the awesome recipe found in Bryant Terry’s Vegan Soul Kitchen here: Cajun Creole Spiced Tempeh. Bonus, shaking the tempeh in the bag of spices is kinda fun!

Bryant Terry also has my absolute favorite Collard Green Recipe. So simple, so tasty. The light citrusy flavor also helps mellow the bold punch of the tempeh.

Rounding out this cuisine are some simple creamy grits. Simple because I lazed out and used instant. Forgive me my sin, southerners!



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