Marvelous Mung


Wait! Don’t run. Don’t hide. This mung bean butter might look a wee bit terrifying but I swear it is an absolute delight. I came across this recipe over at Kitchen Cici and I since I am always looking to expand my breakfast repertoire, I just had to try. Some notes:

*I researched the good ol’ mung first and while cooking directions on the net vary wildly almost nowhere said they had to be soaked so I skipped it and everything was cool. I used 1 & 1/2 cups of mung & 3 cups of water and cooked for about 40 minutes.

*I added Agave during the blending process. No idea how much, I just kept teaspooning it in until the sweetness spoke to me. Ha. Pick your own fav sweetener for this. I’m going to try maple syrup next time.

*My cooking time in the saucepan was about 15 minutes.

I did all this the evening before since no way I’m dealing with all this in the AM. Then, come morn, breakfast is as simple as toasting an English muffin (Rudi’s makes a vegan one), slathering on the mung butter and topping with some sliced fruit. Hooray for mungs!


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