Walnuts and Apples and Oats! Oh my!


I’ve been adoring Cooking Light’s spin on a Waldorf Salad for a good while now. Any recipe sans mayo has to be an upgrade, right? Ha. And I’m not even one of those people who have mayo related terrors. I just shudder thinking about a salad covered in the stuff. Anyway, two notes:

-I omit the blue cheese crumbles & swap in Agave for the honey to veganize. You might think the salad would be lacking in flavor without the cheese but I don’t miss it all, not even tempted to try faux cheese here. The sherry vinegar dressing & agave red pepper walnuts punch this up enough.

-The 7 minute simmering time they give to cook the oats is way off. Unless I’m doing something wrong, my steel cut outs take at least 25 minutes to cook, then 10 minutes for their recommended cooling. Maybe they like their oats undercooked? Or??? I don’t know. Of course, I forget this every time I cook this recipe so I’m always waiting around for the oats that were suppose to be done in a magical 7 minutes! Anyhoo, just use 3 cups of water per one of oats, simmer for about 25 minutes & stir occasionally so the oats don’t glue themselves to the bottom of the pot.



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