How quickly I forget…


…phyllo makes me loony. A year or two ago I tried making some kind of pastry item with the stuff and between obscenities, crumbling sheets of dough & more expletives, I swore off trying to bake with it forever. Recently though, I stumble across this recipe for black bean & yellow squash phyllo pockets at Vegan4One and my previous kitchen frustrations lapsed in daydreams of cashew cream sauce as it went on my list of recipes to try. Mistake! Working with phyllo just makes me want to throw things. I suppose I just don’t have the patience for it, bless you that do. And as mouth-watering as these flaky, fluffy pockets of goodness turned out, I will not be venturing down the phyllo road again!


2 thoughts on “How quickly I forget…

  1. Phyllo appears in lots of recipes I would otherwise like to try, too, so I empathize with you. Tips I’ve heard for easy (but maybe that is merely easier or less frustrating and not truly easy) use include keeping it moist – damp towels, misting with water, etc.- but I think I’d rather eat something made with phyllo than try to make something with phyllo.

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