Tasty Tandoori Tempeh

DSC_0085_1Love me some tempeh. Love me some Indian flavor. Put ’em together, love em’ even more. This concoction comes from the first cookbook I bought when I went vegetarian, The Vegetarian Meat and Potatoes Cookbook. It made the transition to a non-meat diet so easy! Check the recipe here. Served with a side of tahini lemon kale & broccoli.DSC_0090

4 thoughts on “Tasty Tandoori Tempeh

  1. I was checking out lunch deals for Restaurant week, one of the choices was City Tavern, which only serves things that may have been served in 1776. An option is tofu, apparently Ben Franklin sent John Bartram, of Bartram’s garden (first botanical garden in America) in 1770 an recipe for how to make tofu!

  2. What’s the deal with making tempeh? Tofu is so much cheaper that I wonder if it’s worth trying to make it instead of buying the store bought tempeh. Thoughts?

    • I am all for making stuff yourself…except tempeh. Holy beejeezuz does it look tough to make. I won’t even attempt it. Totally fine with store bought in this case. Have you tried it? If not, you must! Seriously good. And the texture is ‘meatier’ so you can do a lot more with it than tofu. If you’re gonna try let me know & I’ll send you some easy first time recipes.

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