Maize Muffins


Mike claims to dislike corn bread. He’s lying, right? He’s a dirty rotten fibber, right? How can anyone not like cornbread?! Corn, delicious. Bread, delicious. What’s not to like? Anyhoo.

My new favorite variation on corn bread throws pineapple in to the mix. It comes from the awesome, oft-used Blissful Bites. You can check out the recipe over at The Blissful Chef.

I always use liners with muffins or cupcakes because I’m none too fond of dishes, but they stick to cornbread something terrible (whether the liner is fancy like shown or plain). So either use plenty’o’spray or take my tip and toss them in the mic for 15 seconds, the liner slips off much easier. Bonus, warm cornbread muffins are even more delightful & the pb spread will melt a little, yum.

I like to make the recipe at night so they’re ready to go in the morning.  Two of these lil guys smeared with some peanut or almond butter make the perfect breakfast. I’ll make a convert outta Mike yet!


2 thoughts on “Maize Muffins

    • Awesome, feel free to leave out pineapple or sub in some other fruit, I know not everyone is crazy for it. And if you still have vegan butter on hand it would be delicious on it too. Let me know how it goes!

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