Bangin Bogus Beef & Delectable Dumplins


Yes, I just said bangin. I couldn’t help it, it fit so well! My mom’s beef stew & dumplins are a stand out meal memory from my childhood dinners. I’ve just accepted that this dish was lost to me after going vegetarian. Seitan to the rescue! It should have clicked for me ages ago that seitan would have been the perfect sub in for beef cubes in this hearty stew but it didn’t jibe until I came across Bianca Phillips veganized chicken & dumplins recipe in Cookin Crunk. The base recipe (minus the faux chicken) seemed to fit my my ma’s stew perfectly so I just beefized my old seitan recipe by omitting the curry, cumin & garam and adding savory, rosemary & thyme. Voila, bangin bogus beef! 



2 thoughts on “Bangin Bogus Beef & Delectable Dumplins

  1. I’m going to make some this weekend! Jeremy tried to tell me that dumplings are only for chicken and that mashed potatoes goes with beef stew…pssssh.

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