Caliente Cabbage!



Even though it’s not vegan, or even a little vegetarian, I’ve still been unable to cancel my Cooking Light subscription. There is always some tip, trick or veggie recipe that justifies it’s place in my mailbox. Their monthly “Four Speedy Sides” is one of these things. It’s where they take a veggie or grain and give you four simple, under 20 minute ways, to prepare them. It’s so dang useful, I cut this page out every month and put it in my little recipe folder.

February’s ingredient was cabbage. This excited me! Excited by cabbage? you say. Considering I have zero idea of how to actually cook with cabbage, yes, I was enthused. I choose their Chile-Garlic version because I reckoned it would be easier to get Mike on the cabbage train if I told him it was spicy. I figured correctly, we have a cabbage convert. (Fyi,  I subbed in soy for fish sauce & added in some broccoli too)

Now that I had my side (really, I used it more as a base) I needed the heft of the meal. Tempeh came right to mind. I decided to do a  sweet citrusy marinade that would balance the flavor of the zingy cabbage. First, I cut an 8oz package of tempeh into 10 strips (I like Lightlife’s Flax version). Then, though not necessary, I like to simmer my tempeh in water for about 10 minutes before using. I feel it softens it and allows it to soak up flavors better. For the marinade, I mixed: 1 cup orange juice, 2TB soy sauce, 1TB Mirin, 1TB of maple syrup, 1tsp ginger powder & 1tsp coriander in a shallow dish. Then just add the temp and let it soak in all the goodness, the longer the better. I then baked at 350 for about 25 minutes, flipping once. Just serve right on top of the cabbage. Delicioso.




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