Simple Scene Stealing Sides


For me, sides dishes are often the superman of the vegetarian/vegan world, always there to save the day. I’ve eaten out at a steakhouse before, to appease friends of course, and have been able to have a completely satisfying meal just picking from the sides menu. Bonus, my portion of the check.

Sides also come to the rescue when I’m having a lazy cooking day (or week). When I don’t feel up to a complicated entrée requiring four pots & 30 minutes of prep I always fall back on marinating a tempeh, tofu or portabello and just tossing it in the oven to bake. To keep the meal somewhat interesting though, I’ll have more fun with the sides. So I was one happy lady when Cooking Light offered up 28 Short Order Sides.

For this meal, I went with an orange maple marinade for the tempeh and felt the Gingered Sweet Potatoes & the Teriyaki Glazed Brussels Sprouts would go nicely. I was correct, yum.



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