Okra – Part Deux


Come summertime and this intriguingly fuzzy little pod always shows up in my grocery store. Curiosity bit me last summer and I finally jumped in to the okra scene by adding it to a Southern inspired stew. I figured the long cooking time and melded flavors of a stew can take the scariness out of any food, right? Ehhhh, not so much. It’s not that though okra tasted bad, but it did turn my meal into a gelatinous mess. The recipe did not prepare me for this okra side effect and unsurprisingly, spoonfuls of goo did not top my list of pleasurable eating experiences.

So it’s August and the pods are making an appearance in my produce section again. At the same time I spied this Peanut Stuffed Okra recipe in my Vegetarian Times. Okay okra, time to redeem your self! And did it ever. The pods made perfect little boats for the spicy, nutty (non-sludgy!) filling. Okra success.

(Mikey also made a heat-filled ‘Bee Sting’  to accompany this snack. Maybe it was his way of saying he needs to be intoxicated to try my okra again, ha.)









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